Undead Armageddon

DUE to weather we are closed for the season


The Undead Armageddon is a haunted forest in Burton Ohio. Survivors will be immersed into the Apocalyptic nightmare where the dead have risen. From the moment you enter the grounds yours wits will be tested in a world where Zombies have decimated mankind.

You will witness:
- A Zombie quarantine; where survivors will wait to see if their fate is to resist or become one of legion of undead.

-Infested campgrounds.

-Overrun military installments.

-Insane zealots and survivors.

-Urban Sprawl; the forgotten remnants of our cities and town now a haven for the Zombie hoards.

-Zombie Hunters, and Special Forces members determined to fight back the ensuing onslaught of the dead.

-a midway, concession area, and gift store to relax after the Armageddon.


Cost is $15.00 per person.

We are an outside event therefore we open at dark until 10pm Fri-Sat.




13468 Main Market road (Route 422)
Burton Ohio 44021




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